Piezoelectric pressure sensor, Type 601C

The miniature pressure sensors of the Type 601C series are, due to their high sensitivity, suited for a variety of applications where very small pressure pulsations need to be measured. In addition, the optimized diaphragm ensures accurate dynamic pressure measurements, even when the diaphragm is simultaneously exposed to a high thermal shock.

Pressure range up to 250 bar (3 626 psi)

High sensitivity

Membrane optimized for high thermal shocks

Small sensor size

Short rise time & high natural frequency

Extremely wide operating temperature range

Charge (PE) or Voltage (IEPE) output


Pressure pulsations on compressors, pumps, turbines, propellers, etc.

Dynamic pressure measurements with high thermal shocks as for example gas and dust explosions (Ex testing), pyrotechnical devices, closed vessel testing, energetic material testing, sloshing or small dynamic pressures as for example sound pressure, etc.

Technical data:

  • Pressure range: 250 bar.
  • Overload: 300 bar.
  • Sensitivity: ≈–37 pC/bar / 20 mV/bar.
  • Natural frequency: >215 kHz.
  • Linearity: < ±0.1 %/FSO.
  • Operating temperature range: –196°C … 350°C / -55°C ... +120°C

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