GNSS Receivers, Type DS-VGPS-HS/HSC

High-accuracy 100 Hz GNSS receivers for precise GPS positioning in automotive, aerospace, and other test and measurement applications. Our GNSS receivers offer optional support for RTK correction (Real-time Kinematics) for the most precise position-based test and measurement applications.

When your data acquisition applications require any sort of positioning, use our GNSS receivers for the synchronized acquisition of positioning data next to other data sources such as vibration, strain, speed, angle, digital, CAN bus, XCP, video, etc.

  • GNSS Interfaces: Dewesoft offers various robust navigational GPS receivers for precise location tracking, acceleration, and speed measurement.
  • RTK Correction Option: All GNSS interfaces offer an optional RTK (Real-Time Kinematics) upgrade which improves the positioning accuracy down to 2 cm.
  • USB, CAN, RS232 Interface: Our GNSS instruments offer various data connection interfaces such as USB, CAN bus and RS232.
  • GYRO: In addition to positioning sensors we also offer DS-GYRO gyroscope for measuring pitch, roll and heading direction.
  • Easy to Use: All Dewsoft GNSS interfaces work in a plug-and-play manner and are very easy to set up and use. Included DewesoftX software allows for easy device channel management and offers great visualization and analysis options for acquired data.
  • Dewesoft flexibility: Connect additional analog sensors (strain gauge, force, temperature, CAN bus, GPS, and countless other data sources) and measure additional parameters simultaneously, with all data perfectly synchronized.


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