Warranty policy


General warranty conditions:

  • We are only responsible for warranty after determining the manufacturer's fault
  • The warranty card must be kept intact and must not be erased or modified during the warranty period
  • Warranty products outside the city. Hanoi, travel and transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Standard 12-month warranty on main unit. For accessories, there will be specific policies for each type

Cases not covered by warranty:

  • The machine number and warranty stamp must be intact, with no erased or repaired marks
  • Use the correct environment (temperature, humidity, vibration...) and power source specified by the manufacturer
  • Arbitrarily disassemble and repair without the written permission of HIKI TEC., JSC
  • Consumable supplies and spare parts over time: electrodes, probes, light bulbs...
  • Use not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions clearly stated in the user manual: wrong power supply, short circuit, drop, strong impact, deformation due to chemicals, water seepage, overload... and similar errors other In case of damage due to storage in poor environments: dust, moisture, high temperatures, corrosive chemicals, insects or rats nesting and tearing in the machine; natural disasters, enemy disasters

Post-warranty service:

HIKI TEC., JSC is ready to support customers (for a fee) with post-warranty services when requested. If customers do not choose post-warranty service from HIKI TEC., JSC, we are ready to provide product information within our capabilities.

Warranty pick up location:

  • Office address: 16TM1-5, The Manor Central Park, Dai Kim Ward, Hoang Mai District, City. Hanoi
  • Phone: (+84) 986.995.815 / (+84) 392.225.899