Inertial measurement units (IMU), Type DS-GYRO1/ DS-GYRO3

DS-GYRO is a high-performance MEMS-based inertial measurement unit (IMU). With its rugged housing and industry-standard communication protocols it is designed to meet the needs of various navigational applications.

The device outputs and logs standard inertial measurement data (Pitch, Roll, Yaw) together with device diagnostic information

  • USB 3.0 interface: DS-GYRO3 is a USB 3 type C device. USB connector provides locking bolts for a fast and reliable data transfer to the bundled DewesoftX software. The DS-GYRO3 device is powered from the same USB 3.0 port.
  • CAN bus output: DS-GYRO3 can be configured to output the data via the CAN bus output port. Once configured and initialized the unit can operate autonomously without connection to DewesoftX software. Ready for third-party integration.
  • High sampling rate: The DS-GYRO3 provides data of up to 1800 samples per second. The data is streamed straight to the connected computer running DewesoftX software or an external CAN bus device.
  • High-performance sensors: DS-GYRO3 has a built-in non-ITAR, micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) IMU that includes MEMS gyroscopes, accelerometers, and magnetometers, making it a small 9 degrees of freedom (DOF) IMU device.
  • Robust, compact design: The DS-GYRO devices are very small and compact and they are built in rugged chassis with IP68 environmental protection.

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