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Overview of Kistler Vehicle Dynamic and Durability Test Solutions


Kistler is a world leader in the field of vehicle dynamics testing, vehicle durability testing, and vehicle safety.

Measuring automotive dynamics with Kistler’s complete systems

Kistler offers complete, highly accurate systems for measuring automotive dynamics:

  • Various types of sensors for many tests: wheel force and torque sensor (Wheel Force Transducer), sensor for measuring torque and steering angle (Steering sensor), speed sensor according to principle Optical (Motion Sensor), GPS Sensor, Optical Height Sensor, azimuth sensor (IMU sensor), brake pedal force sensor (Pedal Force), Vibration Sensor,…
  • The DAQ uses DTI technology.
  • Specialized data analysis software.

Technology leading the trend DTI – Digital Transducer Interface

Transmit technology – receive signals from multiple sensors through a single cable (one cable – one bus).

Benefits for customers:

  • Only one cable is required for the control signal, feedback signal, and power signal.
  • Cabling is faster, easier, and tidier.
  • Errors are avoided and time is saved as customers do not need to convert the measurement values themselves.
  • In-vehicle cabling is considerably easier. Customers save time on installation/time on wiring/time on parameterization/time on troubleshooting.
  • Well-tested, robust technology without “teething troubles” Vast know-how is available at Kistler.
  • Clearly structured, real-time visualization of the test activities.
  • Process reliability, quick test setup.
  • Existing sensors can be retrofitted with the DTI converter (also analog ones via DiMods).

The video clip below will help customers better understand Kistler’s automotive dynamic measurement solution

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