Triaxial accelerometer, Type 8688A

Type 8688A… is a high sensitivity triaxial accelerometer that simultaneously measures vibration in three orthogonal axes.

Application: This miniature and lightweight triaxial accelerometer series are ideally suited for multiple channel modal analysis on small components or subsystems, as well as full vehicle testing for aviation, space, automotive, and a wide range of general test structures.

Technical data:

  • Acceleration range: ±5….±50g.
  • Sensitivity: 1000…100 mV/g.(±10 %)
  • Frequency response: 0,5 … 5 000 Hz(±5 %)
  • Shock limit (1 ms): 5000g.
  • Operating temperature range: –40°C … 65°C
  • Output: Voltage full-scale: ±5V.

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