Impulse force hammer, Type 9722A

Dynamic quartz sensor elements contained within instrumented hammers are used to deliver a measurable force impulse (amplitude and frequency content) to excite a mechanical structure under test.

Application: The hammer may be used to excite light to medium-weight structures at medium to high frequencies, e.g. disks brakes, vehicle body panels, airframe structures, general structural testing, etc. The impulse force hammer is used to analyze the dynamic behavior of mechanical structures

Technical data:

  • Force range: 0…2000 N.
  • Maximum force: 10000 N.
  • Sensitivity: 2 mV/N.
  • Resonant frequency: 27 kHz.
  • Frequency range with steel impact tip(-10dB): 9300Hz.
  • Hammerhead dimensions:
    • Diameter: 17,5mm.
    • Length : 61mm.
    • Weight: 100 grams.
  • Length of handle: 188mm.

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