Fluxgate Current Clamps DS-CLAMP-xxDC

Fluxgate current sensors make use of a high permeability magnetic core in order to ascertain the magnetic field that is produced as the current flows through a conductor. Fluxgate technology depends on a negative feedback circuit, including a magnetic circuit. This is done by reverting a current back through the feedback coil so that the magnetic flux can be canceled out. The magnetic flux is caused in the coil by the current that is measured. This decreases the effect of the material’s magnetic nonlinearity, as it is compensated and can be kept low.

They offer excellent accuracy of 0,3% depending on the measurement range.


  • Type: Flux gate
  • Current Range: 200A – 1000A DC or AC
  • Inner diameter 25 – 32 mm
  • Operating humidity: 15% – 85%
  • Operating temperature 0 °C to 50,60 °C

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