Data logger with vibration sensor, Type NEMOSENSE

NEMOSENSE is a tailor-made IoT device that combines a vibration data acquisition device, a data logger, and a low-noise triaxial MEMS accelerometer. It is an ideal vibration monitoring solution for permanent condition monitoring of wind turbines and structures such as bridges, buildings, antennas, and stadiums. It offers a great price-performance ratio.


  • All-in-one data logger: NEMOSENSE is a data logger and data acquisition device with an embedded low-noise triaxial MEMS accelerometer. It performs the analog-to-digital conversion and offers an ethernet TCP/IP data interface.
  • Onboard processing: NEMOSENSE includes a small microprocessor. This allows setting up and calculating simple calculations like FFT’s, RMS, P-P, and other statistical caluclations directly onboard.
  • Low noise density: The NEMOSENSE data loggers have a very very low noise performance of 25 μg√Hz spectral noise density at the 2g measurement range.
  • Internal storage: NEMOSENSE devices have 16 GB of internal storage memory and can save up to 1 month of measured data at 125 S/s.
  • NTP synchronization: NEMOSENSE devices that are connected on the same network are synchronized within 10 ms using NTP synchronization (Network Time Protocol).
  • Great price/performance: The NEMOSENSE offers a good price vs. performance ratio and is thus perfect for system integrators, and large continuous monitoring installations.
  • Waterproof enclosure: NEMOSENS enclosure is fully waterproof with Harting push-pull RJ45 connector. It offers IP67 environmental protection.

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