Controlmonitor como torque, Type 4700B

The evaluation instrument CoMo Torque Type 4700B… is ideal for industrial use and for research and development applications.

Application: Determination of the performance of powered equipment using torque input and revolution, Design of transfer components or systems by determining the efficiency factor, Function control during assembly, if the torque is evaluated in dependence of the angle of rotation

Technical data:

  • High measuring accuracy: <0,05% f.s.
  • High scan rate: 10 kHz.
  • Low-pass filter (filter off, 0,1 Hz … 1 kHz)
  • Memory with up to 5 000 measured values, each channel.
  • Min/max capture and limit value monitoring.
  • Can be remoted via USB or RS-232C.
  • Scaled analog outputs.

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