Accelerometer, Type 8776B

Small, envelope size and lightweight, Types 8774B… and 8776B… are general-purpose vibration measuring accelerometers

Application: Types 8774B… and 8776B… are multi-purpose accelerometers, useful for many applications. The wide bandwidth and rugged construction are ideal for various applications, such as operational modal analysis, condition monitoring, or vehicle testing.

Technical data:

  • Acceleration range: ±50g…±500g.
  • Acceleration limit: ±100g…±1,000g.
  • Sensitivity 100Hz,10grms: 10mV/g ±15%.
  • Threshold(1Hz…10kHz): <0,0025gmrs.
  • Amplitude linearity: ±1%.
  • Resonant frequency: 50kHz.
  • Shock(1ms): 5000g.
  • Source – Voltage: 22-30VDC.

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