Accelerometer, Type 8640A

The 8640A… is a high-sensitivity single-axis accelerometer. The sensor is designed primarily for modal analysis applications and has selective use as a general-purpose vibration sensor.

Application: This miniature and lightweight, single-axis accelerometer series is ideally suited for multiple channel modal analysis on small components or subsystems and well as full vehicle testing for aviation, space, automotive as well as a wide range of general test structures.

Technical data:

  • Acceleration range: 5….50g.
  • Sensitivity: 100…1000 mV/g(±10 %).
  • Frequency response: 0,5 … 5 000 Hz(±5 %).
  • Operating temperature range: –40°C … 65°C.
  • Output: Voltage Full Scale: 5V.

Download datasheet: Type 8640A.

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