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Multicomponent Dynamometer, Type 9257B

Quartz three-component dynamometer for measuring the three orthogonal components of a force. The dynamometer has great rigidity and consequently a high natural frequency.

Application: Dynamic and quasi-static measurement of the three orthogonal components of a force. Measuring cutting force when turning, milling, grinding. In conjunction with the calibrated partial ranges, the high sensitivity and low threshold allow exact measurements on small tools and when grinding. Measurements on scale models in wind channels.

Technical data:

  • Range: up to 10kN.
  • Sensitivity: Fx,y 7,5 pc/N; Fz 3,7 pc/N.
  • Linearity: ≤±1 %FSO.
  • Natural frequency: 3,5 kHz.
  • Operating temperature range: 0 … 70 °C.

Download datasheet: Type 9257B.


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