Force sensor triaxial, Type 9377C (Seri 93x7C)

These triaxial piezoelectric force transducers are piezoelectric load cells for the exact measurement of all forces on the three orthogonal components acting in an arbitrary direction.

Application: Cutting forces during machining, Impact forces in crash tests, Recoil forces of rocket engines, Vibration forces of components for space travel…

Technical data:

  • Measuring range Fx, Fy: −75… 75 kN.
  • Measuring range Fz: –150 … 150 kN.
  • Overload: ≤10 %.
  • Sensitivity: Fx,Fy ≈–3,9pC/N; Fz ≈–1,95pC/N.
  • Threshold: ≤0,01 N.
  • Linearity: ≤±0,5 %FSO.
  • Natural frequency: fn(x),fn(y) ≈6,0kHz; fn(z)≈2,0kHz.
  • Operating temperature range: –40°C … 80°C.

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