Multicomponent Dynamometer, Type 9139AA

Multicomponent dynamometer for measuring the three orthogonal components of a force. The stiff and robust design, as well as the large measuring range, permit the measurement of large forces, for example in high-performance cutting applications.

Application: Multicomponent force measurement of large forces. Cutting force measurement in high-performance applications for example in milling, surface grinding, drilling.

Technical data:

  • Measuring range: Fx, Fy, Fz: -30-30kN.
  • Threshold: < 0.01N.
  • Sensitivity: Fx, Fy: -8.2 pC/N  , Fz: -4.2 pC/N.
  • Linearity: ≤+0.3% FSO.
  • Crosstalk: ≤ +-2%.
  • Degree of protection EN60529: IP67.
  • Operating temperature range: -20-70 độ C.
  • Mounting surface: 140x190mm

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