Pocket load meter, Type MM-014L

The MM-014L is a hand-held instrument used in combination with a strain gauge type transducer such as load cell or displacement transducer for direct reading of physical quantities. It is small, light-weight and easy-to-carry. The measurement is possible by only setting the capacity and rated output of the connected transducer. Its peak hold function enables display and recording of peak value in addition to ordinary measured value. The measured values are stored in the internal data memory and a SD card, which allows easy and smooth data acquisition. The display is clearly visible even outdoors owing to the use of reflective color LCD. Intuitive operation is possible using the function keys which are linked with icons in the screen.


Small, light-weight and easy to carry
Peak hold function provided
Simultaneous display of monitored value and peak value
Bridge excitation is switchable between constant voltage and constant current
Settings of 20 transducers can be stored and retrieved for easy setting
Batch setting of coefficient, unit, display digit and offset using “Sensor ID”
Accepts TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) sensor
Reflective color LCD with low power consumption (display switchable between Japanese and English)
Measured data are recorded into internal memory for up to 6000 times
Easy data acquisition using SD card

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