maXYmos NC, Type 5847B0

The maXYmos NC controls, monitors, evaluates, and documents XY characteristics for joining and press-fitting processes in combination with NC joining modules and the associated servo amplifier IndraDrive.

Application: Used in the auxiliary industry of automobile manufacturing.

Technical data:

  • Display module size: 10.4 In.
  • 128 independent programs, each with up to 10 evaluation objects using a variety of types with online and offline objects.
  • Integrated process control (sequencer) for maximum flexibility.
  • Real-time behavior through SERCOS III actuation of the servo amplifier.
  • Self-monitoring and diagnosis, as well as visualization and remote control (VNC).
  • Channel X: Servo, Incremental, SSI, Potentiometer TTL,±10 V, LVDT.
  • Channel Y: DMS, ±10 V or piezoelectric sensors.

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