Handheld charge amplifier and insulation tester, Type 5811A00

This universal handheld device can be used wherever mechanical quantities are measured with piezoelectric sensors. Piezoelectric sensors produce an electric charge which varies in direct proportion with the load acting on the sensor. The amplifier converts this charge directly into digital values or a proportional output voltage. The battery-powered device is designed for environments and applications where the use of a line-powered charge amplifier in combination with a host computer for visualization and data acquisition of the measurement signal is not suitable. Additionally the handheld device acts also as a service tool for testing the insulation of piezoelectric measuring chains (sensor and cable) as part of regular maintenance work to verify sensor and cable quality.


Portable test and measurement device
Reference tool for process verification test
Closed-loop reference measurement
Sensor and cable insulation test

Technical data: 

  • Charge measuring ranges: ±100 … 1 000 000 pC.
  • Insulation tester input: 1x107 … 1x1015 Ω.
  • Voltage output: ±10 V.
  • ADC resolution: 16 Bit.
  • Temperature range Operating from battery: –20 … +50°C
  • 1-channel handheld charge amplifier for piezoelectric sensors
  • Insulation tester for piezoelectric measuring chains (sensors and cables)
  • 4.3” touchscreen display for simple configuration and control
  • Tactile buttons for main controls allow operation with gloves
  • Integrated data acquisition with up to 50 kSps
  • Fully flexible low-pass and high-pass filter adjustment
  • Trigger input/analog output for interaction with external systems
  • Robust housing with IP54 protection for harsh environments
  • Impact protection to prevent damage to housing and connectors
  • Mounting lugs for convenient carrying using a shoulder strap
  • Integrated rechargeable and replaceable battery
  • USB-C port for battery charging and data exchange
  • LED for indication of battery charging and device status

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