Thiết bị giám sát máy móc, Type IOLITE® 2xASI

Vibration sensor and data acquisition for condition monitoring of gearboxes, fans, motors, blowers, and any other rotating machinery in automotive, mining, pulp, paper, iron, steel, chemical, cement, HVAC, facility management, and power production.

IOLITE 2xASI device features two analog sensor inputs and one tacho input. The device works together with an ASI-1xVIB-50g vibration probe with a 10 kHz accelerometer and temperature sensor


  • High bandwidth: Acceleration in the range from 0 Hz up to 10kHz (from ASI-1xVIB-50g) can be monitored with the use of IOLITE 2xASI in combination with the ASI-1xVIB-50g sensor. It is an ideal device for condition monitoring of bearings, fan blades, or other low to high-speed rotating equipment elements.
  • Low noise accelerometer: The ASI 1xVIB-50g sensor has a very low noise performance of 25 µg/√Hz spectral noise density. The RMS noise, in the range from 10 Hz to 10kHz is 3mg.
  • Versatile measurements: IOLITE 2xASI and ASI 1xVIB-50g are an ideal combination to monitor the acceleration, velocities, displacements, speed, and temperature of the machinery.
  • Distributable: Multiple devices can be easily distributed and synchronized over large distances using a single inexpensive CAT6 cable that can span up to 50m node-to-node. By using optical converters, even distances of more than 20 km between the devices can be covered while still keeping a 1us synchronization between the devices.
  • Perfect Synchronization: The IOLITE 2xASI are EtherCAT-based devices and are synchronized down to 1μs device to device. This is very important when performing condition monitoring of the same machinery since the ambiental vibrations not correlated to the machine can be excluded.

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