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maXYmos TL, Type 5877B

The maXYmos TL (Top Level) captures, analyzes, and evaluates XY curves of two measurands that have to stand in a precisely defined relationship to each other.

Application: Press fitting of bearings or valve seat rings, Riveting and flanging of casing parts, Turning and swiveling of joints, Turning of key switches, Movement of drawer slides, Compression and extension of shock absorbers, Pressing of snap-in elements.

Technical data:

  • Dynamic referencing of evaluation objects in X and Y directions
  • 128 measurement programs for 128 part types
  • Up to 10 evaluation objects (EOs) per curve
  • Measurement curve with up to 8 000 XY value pairs
  • Channel X: Pot, ±10 V, LVDT, incremental, SSI
  • Channel Y: Strain gauge, ±10 V, ±10 V (2 measurement ranges), or piezoelectric sensors
  • Dig-IO (24 V) for control and results

Download datasheet: Type maXYmosTL 5877B

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