Research & development testing

HIKI TEC., JSC provides physical testing and high precision sensing solutions. We support automotive, aerospace, defense and advanced research customers.

Our product range comprises sensors (force, torque, acceleration, pressure, optical…), easy to use and high performance data acquisition system (DAQ); advanced testing equipment for mechanical & material research, high dynamic system for the most demanding requirements.


Solution for industrial manufacturing

Our solutions help customers to increase production efficiency, cost reduction, enhance product quality in automotive, electronic and others production.

We provide our customers with broad range solutions : servo press; force/ torque monitoring, fastening testing equipment; industrial automation components….to follow the automation industry 4.0 trend from leading suppliers worldwide, with the local supports to get our customer’s advantages and success.


Delivery in March for industrial customers

In March, 2023, HIKI TEC., JSC continued to complete the delivery of goods to customers in the field of industrial production such as: VinFast, Kefico Hyundai, Denso, Iriso, Shaeffler… The products are used by customers to monitor the injection molding process, the plastic molding process, etc. in advanced production lines. The maXYmosBL controller type 5867B […]

New office building | HIKI TEC., JSC

Hanoi, March 2023. In order to meet the company growth demand, and give the best support to its customers, HIKI TEC., JSC decided to move to the new office at the address: 16TM1-5, The Manor Central Park, Dai Kim, Hoang Mai, Ha Noi Locating at The Manor Central Park, the office allows easy connection to […]

Training at VinFast | VinFast- HIKI – Kistler

HaiPhong, Feb 2023. With the aim of supporting VinFast team to master the technology and equipment provided by Kistler, HIKI TEC., JSC and Kistler organized a training course at the VinFast factory – Hai Phong. The course provides basic as well as advanced training knowledge on components, operating principles, operations as well as the maintenance […]

maXYmosTL, the first order in 2023

In the field of manufacturing components for cars and motorcycles, there are many processing stages that need to be monitored for quality, especially the pressing of details. To determine fail part early in-line, the customer has selected maXYmosTL, provided by HIKI TEC., JSC, to monitor force-displacement of pressing process. The maXYmosTL advantages: Force- displacement real time monitoring […]

Piaggio trusts solution provided by HIKI TEC., JSC for assurance of input components

The Piaggio Group, founded in 1884 in Italy, is a leading motorcycle researcher and manufacturer in the world. Inheriting all production technology and quality standards from Europe, Piaggio Vietnam company has trusted in the solution provided by HIKI TEC., JSC to control bolt quality. Simultaneously check the axial force and tightening torque of the tightening […]


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