Measurement solution

Force, torque, vibration, pressure sensors, together with high speed data acquisition systems, unique measurement system, high speed camera for measuring demands in the field of automotive, machining, aerospace, military test….in Universities, R&D centers.


Solution for industrial manufacturing

Monitoring solutions for pressing, turning processes, servo press, cavity measurement system in injection process, friction coefficient test for bolt, fastening points, calibration of torque wrench….enable early fail part detection, improve product’s quality, enhance productivities, saving cost, data transparency, Industry 4.0


Manufacturing parts

Manufacturing mold parts with high accuracy required, other mechanical parts per request.



HIKI TEC., JSC demonstrates system integration capability by providing customized servo press system

Hanoi, Oct 2021 HIKI TEC., JSC has completed project of servo press integration with one of our closed customer, to prove our integration capability to deliver high quality products to customer. The customer situation before HIKI TEC., JSC The ...

HIKI TEC., JSC supports customer to improve product quality | Hitachi Astemo

Hitachi Astemo provides high quality components to automobile manufactures. Hitachi Automotive Systems, Keihin, Showa và Nissin Kogyo are joint, to become leading automotive suppliers worldwide. In Vietnam, Hitachi Astemo factory (formely Nissin ...

HIKI TEC., JSC delivers measurement and calibration instrument to a military customer

Regular calibration of measuring instruments is essential The sensors and DAQ for ballistic applications must meet very high requirements of measuring range, accuracy, stability, response time. Furthermore, the test often conducted in very harsh ...


Overview of Kistler Vehicle Dynamic and Durability Test Solutions

Kistler is a world leader in the field of vehicle dynamics testing, vehicle durability testing, and vehicle safety. Measuring automotive dynamics with Kistler’s complete systems Kistler offers complete, highly accurate systems for measuring ...

Dynamometer | Multi components force sensor

What is Dynamometer? What are considerations for selecting a right dynamometer for your measurement? More information at: Cutting force measurement. Contact us at: +84 986 995 815.

Vibration meter from Benstone

The overview of Benstone Vibration Meter Vibration meter type  MP5, VP5, Vpod Pro Vibration meter type Vpod/ Vpod II, Vpod Lite More information at: Các sản phẩm của Benstone. Contact us at: +84 986 995 815.

How does servo press help to improve productivity and save cost for customer?

The below video helps you to get better understanding of Kistler servo press system.     More information at: Servo press. Contact us at: +84 986 995 815.

Cutting force measurement in turning and milling processes

In the machining field, cutting force measurement is one key factor allow user optimize process, improve tool life time. Đo lực cắt trong quá trình tiện (turning) Đo lực cắt trong quá trình phay (milling)   Thiết lập hệ ...


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