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IndraDrive C, Type 2180A

The maXYmos NC controls, monitors, evaluates, and documents XY characteristics for joining and press-fitting processes in characteristics with NC joining modules and the associated servo amplifier IndraDrive.

Application: The motor of the NC joining module is controlled by the servo amplifier IndraDrive. This has a direct impact on the travel distance, travel speed, and maximum force of the NC joining module.

Technical data:

  • Interface SERCOS III
  • Control voltage: 19,2 … 28,8 V.
  • Power connection: 400V
  • Control unit CSB02 NC joining module specifically parameterized
  • Safe Motion on-board (SMES, SMST21), SMM11))
  • Applications up to Performance Level e (PL e) possible
  • Diagnostics via Ethernet

Download datasheet: Type 2180A.

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