HIKI TEC., JSC provides the service: “Testing Clamping force and coefficient of friction of bolts”.

HIKI TEC., JSC introduces technical inspection service to all partners and customers. As the representative of KISTLER in Vietnam, HIKI TEC., JSC always strives to assert itself through specialized technical consulting services. Inspection service of HIKI TEC., JSC helps to solve the necessary problems for businesses while bringing a lot of economic value. Find more […]

Webinar ‘Solution to monitor mold pressure and temperature in plastic molding process’ | HIKI TEC., JSC – HaUI

On January 21, 2022, HIKI TEC., JSC and Kistler organized an online seminar with Hanoi University of Industry on plastic major. The seminar was attended by Kistler’s leading experts in the field of plastic molding, as well as Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Tien Dung – In charge of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and teachers […]

HIKI TEC., JSC demonstrates system integration capability by providing customized servo press system

Hanoi, Oct 2021 HIKI TEC., JSC has completed project of servo press integration with one of our closed customer, to prove our integration capability to deliver high quality products to customer. The customer situation before HIKI TEC., JSC The remaining issues: Not accurate holding force/ pressure, leads to many fail parts Low accuracy Noisy High […]

HIKI TEC., JSC supports customer to improve product quality | Hitachi Astemo

Hitachi Astemo provides high quality components to automobile manufactures. Hitachi Automotive Systems, Keihin, Showa và Nissin Kogyo are joint, to become leading automotive suppliers worldwide. In Vietnam, Hitachi Astemo factory (formely Nissin Brake ) located in Vinh Phuc with about 4000 employee, specializes in providing high quality/ safety brake to VinFast, Yamaha, Honda In order […]

HIKI TEC., JSC delivers measurement and calibration instrument to a military customer

Regular calibration of measuring instruments is essential The sensors and DAQ for ballistic applications must meet very high requirements of measuring range, accuracy, stability, response time. Furthermore, the test often conducted in very harsh environment. This could change instruments specs especially after a long period of time. HIKI TEC., JSC has been a closed partners […]

Delivery of dedicated sensors to Bosch and Intel Viet Nam

Intel and Bosch are two of famous brands in the world in the field of R&D and manufacturing chip and other high end products in heavy industry. They select Kistler sensor for their R&D and production thanks to its cutting-edge specs and proven quality. As Kistler distributor in Vietnam, HIKI TEC., JSC has been working with […]

Canon Viet Nam selects CPS provided by HIKI TEC., JSC to enhance productivity

To improve quality of injection plastic parts, enhance productivity, Canon Vietnam selected Cavity Pressure System from Kistler for their injection molding factory   Demonstration of ComoNeo and CPS sensor in mold By using piezoelectric pressure sensor to monitor cavity pressure inside mold in real time, Kistler CPS allows user “understand” the injection process clearly, reject fail […]

HIKI TEC., JSC provides servo press to VinFast EV production line

VinFast, the top automobile manufacture in Vietnam, selected servo press from Kistler, provided by HIKI TEC., JSC, for their EV production line. The servo press with below cutting-edge advantages: Energy saving up to 80% Reduction of carbon emission High accuracy, reliability and flexibility Reduce fail part, enhance productivity Transparent production data, Industry 4.0   Kistler […]

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